Six nations, zero emissions - from Milan to Oslo and back with IONITY

Enjoying the perfect pasta in Milan, experiencing stunning views while crossing the Malmö bridge in your EV and strolling through Oslo – travelling across Europe is an exciting experience.

Mercedes-Benz Italy and IONITY teamed up for an exceptional road trip: to drive approximately 4,000 kilometres through six countries, from Milan to Oslo and back. Charging at IONITY stations exclusively, the trip was not only emission-free but actually carbon-neutral. We covered the entire route in just six days, but for the many highlights along the way, you should take more time. Are you up for it? Let’s go!

Six nations, zero emissions - from Milan to Oslo and back with IONITY

From Italy through Switzerland to Germany

The journey starts in Milan, where you take the A9 right past the Swiss border. Change to the A2 and pass Lugano and Bellinzona. Head further into the mountains taking the A13 to San Bernardino. The IONITY station Heidiland offers a welcoming charging stop. Feeling hungry? Right next to the IONITY chargers, you can grab a bite at Marché Heidiland, one of the most well-known rest stops in Switzerland. Back on the road, drive 170 km north across the border to Germany at Lake Constance and arrive in Illertissen for a quick top-up recharge. Taking the direct route from south to north, you'll pass by Würzburg. Just before arriving at Fulda, which is approximately halfway through Germany, you can take a further break at the IONITY station in Eichenzell.

Highlights nearby
If you have time to explore, we recommend stopping in the beautiful city of Würzburg between the IONITY stations Illertissen and Eichenzell. Not only does Würzburg offer a cosy old town and proper Bavarian food, but also a beautiful castle – the Residence Palace – declared UNESCO World Heritage and considered one of the most important palaces in Europe.

Crossing into Denmark

As you drive through Germany, you watch the landscape change: The German highways are surrounded by fields of photovoltaic systems and wind turbines – a nice touch for your trip as IONITY only provides clean energy from renewable energy sources. On the Autobahn to Hannover, your next stop could be the IONITY station Harz Ost, where again you can charge your EV from 20 to 80 % in under 30 minutes – depending on the charging capabilities of your car.
Follow the A7 past Hannover and decide whether you want to pay a visit to Hamburg or leave the proud port city behind. Continue your journey further to the north and, if necessary, charge at IONITY Brokenlande Ost. Cross the border at Flensburg and make your way to Nyborg on the E20. Before reaching Copenhagen, you can charge at the IONITY station Greve. Past the city of Copenhagen, cross the Öresund bridge, the 16 km direct link between Denmark and Sweden.

Highlight nearby
The scenic drive through Denmark is a highlight in itself. And crossing the bridge “Nye Lillebæltsbro” (New Little Bridge) between Jutland and the Island of Funen is particularly beautiful.

Crossing Sweden

After you have solid ground under your wheels again, take highway E6 around Malmö and along the coastline for 220 km until you make it to the IONITY station Varberg, where we recommend charging your EV to around 80 %. Once you are done charging, take the E6 up north for another 220 km and stop at the IONITY station Strömstad, just 30 km from the Norwegian border.

Highlight nearby
Halfway between Malmö and Oslo at the foot of the river Göta lies Göteborg, Sweden’s second-largest city. We recommend renting a bicycle and exploring the city with its many canals, lovely cafés and stylish boutiques. If you are travelling with children or are still a child at heart yourself, the amusement park Liseberg might just be the thing for you.

Arriving in Oslo

After another 140 km through Scandinavia’s scenic landscape, you've made it: you've arrived in Oslo. The capital of Norway is known for its stunning natural surroundings, including the Oslofjord and nearby forests. The city also boasts impressive contemporary architecture as well as a vibrant culinary scene that reflects both traditional and modern influences.

Highlights nearby
Visit Oslo's world-class museums, such as the Munch Museum and the Vikingskipshuset with Viking ships from the 9th century. And have a stroll through Frogner Park, which is famous for its collection of over 200 bronze, granite, and cast iron sculptures.

Heading back to Milan

When it's time to set off again, basically take the tour in reverse order. If you are up for travelling between Milan and Oslo or simply want to try any of our other routes, feel free to share your impressions on Instagram and tag @ionity.official