You can charge and pay within the IONITY network via a contract with a mobility service provider (MSP). As a customer of these providers, you gain access to charging networks for electric vehicles which include but are not limited to IONITY.


The most obvious and convenient solution: opt for the charging service of your car brand. This way, you ensure that vehicle and charging service are ideally matched, for example if you want to control charging processes via the manufacturer's app or use new technologies such as Plug & Charge. Plug & Charge is available on the IONITY network and allows you to simply plug the cable of the charging station into your car ... and charge.

Well-known vehicle manufacturers have integrated IONITY into their charging services. As their customer, you have full access to the IONITY charging network throughout Europe: at attractive rates, sometimes combined with additional benefits. Typically, you are offered contactless payment options via RFID cards or tokens, smartphone apps, or even Plug & Charge.

Plug & Charge is a new technology that is gradually being made available in electric vehicles. Please check with your manufacturer if Plug & Charge is implemented.

For more information on the different services as well as their tariff options, please click on the links below:


Alternatively, you can choose from numerous other MSPs that integrate the IONITY high-power charging network into their offerings. These MSPs offer a variety of different tariffs, such as kWh-based pricing with or without subscription. To find out if your MSP provides access to IONITY and on what terms, please contact your provider directly. You may also inquire directly with your MSP regarding the provision of Plug & Charge.


You can charge your electric vehicle at IONITY without any MSP contract. 

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With IONITY DIRECT you can charge your vehicle at all charging stations in the IONITY network. If you rarely travel long distances or only want to use highway rates occasionally, IONITY DIRECT is the right choice for you: without registration or advance planning, the rate enables spontaneous charging.

  • no registration required
  • no subscription / no fees
  • standard tariff per charged kWh / per charged minute
  • payment via smartphone app or QR code 

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