From Sicily to the North Cape, for the weekend-trip to Deauville or your favorite village in the Alps: 
Charge your EV ultra-fast with up to 350 kW and 100% renewable energy. At reliable and convenient stations along major highways and routes in 24 European countries.  

Plug into the IONITY network now! Both IONITY PASSPORT MOTION and IONITY PASSPORT POWER are designed to meet your charging needs. Subscribe now and save money across 23 European countries. 

Get your PASSPORT and a 30% discount on the subscription fee for the first month now.

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Your EV is mostly for commuting, but sometimes you just long for more. Like a seaside jaunt with the family or a romantic city break with your partner. Sure the PASSPORT MOTION is made for you! It’s the perfect offer for drivers who mostly take short to medium journeys. The low monthly fee pays off already from one charging session per month which corresponds to circa 150 km covered (with an average consumption of 20 kWh/100 km)

  • low monthly subscription fee
  • base fee pays off after 1st charging session
  • no seasonal or peak changes of kWh prices
  • change anytime to PASSPORT POWER  
  • cancellation any time with effect from the next billing date
  • subscribe and pay via IONITY app


You love to explore the Mediterranean with your family and friends. Or you take your EV regularly on extended business trips. And we’ve got you covered: The PASSPORT POWER is ideal for those who frequently drive long distances. If you charge more than two times per month, which corresponds to more than 300 km covered (with an average consumption of 20 kWh/100 km) - the subscription fee pays off, and you fully benefit from the lower kWh price.

  • lower price per kWh
  • fee pays off from 3rd charging session
  • no seasonal or peak changes of kWh prices
  • change to PASSPORT MOTION with effect from the next billing date  
  • cancellation any time with effect from the next billing date
  • subscribe and pay via IONITY app

All prices include local VAT and other price components.
* Applicable for all customers subscribing to IONITY PASSPORT MOTION or PASSPORT POWER the first time. Not appplicable when switching from IONITY PASSPORT MOTION and IONITY PASSPORT POWER or vice versa

Download the IONITY App today! Sign up for IONITY PASSPORT MOTION or IONITY PASSPORT POWER and start enjoying the IONITY high-power charging network across Europe!


As a PASSPORT customer you get everything you need:

POWER – charging columns with 350 kW charging power.

SPEED – the fastest charging power your car can offer

SUSTAINABILITY100% green electricity from renewable energy sources

FLEXIBILITYthe PASSPORT tariff cancelled at any time to the next billing date

PRICE ADVANTAGE – whether you charge in France, Norway or the UK – always benefit from cheaper prices per kWh with your subscription.


This is how it works:

  1. download the IONITY app to your smartphone
  2. subscribe to IONITY PASSPORT in the app
  3. enter the desired payment method
  4. drive off and start charging – at more than 500 locations across Europe!


  • What are the conditions of the new PASSPORT tariffs?

    The PASSPORT is valid in 23 European countries, there is no minimum contract period, and the subscription can be terminated at any time with a notice period of one month.

  • Can I switch between the tariffs? How can I do that?

    You can upgrade to the IONITY PASSPORT POWER tariff anytime within the app. Just go to the associated section and select your desired new tariff. The User will receive an order confirmation both in the IONITY app and to the email address registered in the user account. The switch to the IONITY PASSPORT POWER will be implemented immediately and displayed to the User in the app, so you can directly benefit from the new and better conditions.

    You can also downgrade from IONITY PASSPORT POWER to the IONITY PASSPORT MOTION tariff within the app. The corresponding switch will be noted in the IONITY app but will only take effect from the next billing date.

  • Are reduced prices with my IONITY PASSPORT subscription applicable in all EU countries?

    Yes. Subscribe to IONITY PASSPORT and save across 23 countries in Europe. One Example: You live in Germany and are driving to Croatia for vacation, you’ll benefit from reduced prices along your journey across Austria and Italy, and reach your destination quickly using our high-power charing network. Local prices and price reductions with our subscriptions may vary depending on the country.

  • How exactly will the subscription fee be collected? When will I be invoiced for the costs of charging sessions?

    The subscription fee will be collected and invoiced on a monthly basis, starting with the day you subscribe and then every month the same date, your billing date. For example: If you subscribe on 02.06.2024, you will be charged and invoiced on the same day. The next month you will be charged and invoiced on the 02.07.2024.

  • I have already got a PASSPORT (2023) subscription, will it still work?

    Yes, all existing Old PASSPORT (2023) subscriptions will remain active, but we recommend switching to the new IONITY PASSPORT MOTION or IONITY PASSPORT POWER to benefit from even better prices.

  • Do I need to cancel my existing PASSPORT (2023) subscription and get a new one?

    Your Old PASSPORT (2023) subscription will remain active, however, if you would like to benefit from the new more attractive tariffs, you can switch anytime to IONITY PASSPORT MOTION or IONITY PASSPORT POWER within your app.

  • If I want to cancel my subscription, what should I do?

    If you want to no longer subscribe to IONITY PASSPORT, you can discontinue the subscription anytime in the app - it will remain active until the next billing date [which will be displayed in your user account. Billing date: The Basic Fee will be invoiced monthly on the day of activation of the PASSPORT Tariff.].

  • Can I charge my car without having IONITY PASSPORT?

    Yes, you can charge your car also with our IONITY DIRECT tariff without having a subscription. But our IONITY PASSPORT MOTION pays already off after the first charging session.**
    **with an average charging session of 30 kWh