October 19, 2023

Rimac AuRimac Automobili, maker of the world's fastest all-electric hypercar, and IONITY, Europe's largest open-brand high-power charging (HPC) network are joining forces. The partnership brings together the record-breaking hypercar, the Rimac Nevera, with IONITY’s ultra-fast, reliable, and green charging network.

September 12, 2023

For hotel guests and the public alike: IONITY collaborates with Village hotels. The network will build and operate 380 ultra-fast charging points at all 33 sites of the lifestyle-hotels.

August 16, 2023

IONITY lowers charging prices in Germany, France and Norway. Starting today, the price per kilowatt hour (kWh) for charging at HPC charging points with up to 350 kW without a contractual commitment will drop by 0.10 Euro/kWh in Germany and France and by 1.14 NOK/kWh in Norway.

July 12, 2023

IONITY to open one of the largest HPC charging parks in Europe within the Vinci Autoroutes network in Rousset, near Marseille and Aix-en-Provence: 16 HPC charging points respond to the growing demand for charging facilities in the popular travel region of southern France.

June 21, 2023

Summer is just around the corner and many holiday-makers are travelling by electric car. With around 500 charging parks and 2,400 charging points in 24 European countries, IONITY currently offers one of the largest and most efficient high-power charging (HPC) networks in Europe. Additionally, innovations such as Plug & Charge make long-distance journeys with electric vehicles easier than ever.

June 1, 2023

The IONITY PASSPORT subscription is available with new conditions from 6th June onwards: in addition to price advantages compared to ad-hoc pricing, the subscription can also be cancelled at any time. This will benefit frequent drivers and especially holiday travellers, who can charge quickly, reliably and with 100% renewable energy at IONITY in 24 European countries.

May 11, 2023

The new IONITY station is located right off the A22/E45 motorway exit “Lago di Garda Sud” and hence at a strategic crossroads between continental Europe, the lakes of Northern Italy and the South of Italy. 18 High-Power chargers covered by a photovoltaic roof enable convenient and carbon-neutral travel with electric vehicles in Europe.

February 23, 2023

IONITY, has opened two unique sites on key travel routes connecting the north with the south of Europe. The new twin charging stations in Mornas on France’s “Sunshine Highway” connect Lyon with the Mediterranean coast and are the company's largest and most powerful charging station so far. Close to the city of Rome, an HPC- charging station located directly at the ‘Hampton by Hilton’ hotel in Fiano Romano closes a huge gap by connecting central Europe and the Southern part of Italy.

February 15, 2023

IONITY and Swedish property company Regio have joined forces to support EV drivers by offering easily accessible public high-power charging (HPC) open to all brands. Within a year, the partners plan to provide 12 new stations and 108 high-power charging points with up to 350 kW at retail sites on key highway junctions.

November 8, 2022

IONITY makes long-distance travel in electric vehicles the new normal. Europe’s leading high-power charging network has boosted e-mobility: 6 million charging sessions carried out by nearly one million customers, High Power Charging (HPC) in 24 European countries at more than 430 stations with over 1.900 charge points – 7.000 are planned for the near future - with more focus on convenience and services for drivers.

September 27, 2022
IONITY partners with &Charge 

With &Charge’s e-mobility app, drivers of electric cars can rate the charging infrastructure in Europe by giving feedback as part of "challenges" via the &Charge app; incl. feedback on the functionality, possible impairments or cleanliness of the charging stations. The entries are passed on directly to IONITY. Drivers of electric cars thus become part of the quality assurance and can actively participate in improving the charging experience. Each successfully completed challenge is rewarded with &Charge kilometres, which can also be immediately redeemed for free charging or other rewards. 

November 24, 2021
IONITY announces € 700 million investment to enable rapid EV charging network expansion and accelerated growth across Europe

IONITY, Europe's leading high-power charging network - open to drivers of all electric vehicle brands, and present in 24 countries - today announces a combined €700 million investment from its current shareholders and new partner the BlackRock Global Renewable Power platform. This investment will drive IONITY’s growth and network expansion plans across Europe, while improving the customer charging experience.

November 18, 2021
IONITY opens technology test centre in Unterschleissheim, Germany

With the test centre, IONITY demonstrates its competencies in the field of high-power charging and uses its proximity to the automotive industry for the benefit of its customers. The goal of the test centre is to facilitate the transition to climate-neutral mobility through the use of reliable technology. With the test centre, IONITY demonstrates its competencies in the field of high-power charging and uses its proximity to the automotive industry for the benefit of its customers. The goal of the test centre is to facilitate the transition to climate-neutral mobility using reliable technology.

November 3, 2021
IONITY achieves top positions in connect charging network test

We are pleased to announce that IONITY once again achieves very good results in the 2021 high-power charging (HPC) network test awards by connect magazine and is among the top providers in all tested countries. IONITY's pan-European fast charging network convinced the test drivers in the DACH and BENELUX region at all locations with its high quality and unproblematic operation. In Austria, Switzerland and Belgium, IONITY’s charging parks scored highest in the category CPO. "Since the founding of IONITY four years ago, we aim to make EV charging a convenient and effortless experiene for everyone, everywhere. That's why we are very delighted to be once again among the top performers in Europe in connect's charging network test.“, says Dr Marcus Groll, COO of IONITY

October 12, 2021
IONITY: Europe's first open charging network with Plug & Charge function

The leading pan-European high-power charging network, announces today it is the first open charging network in Europe to offer Plug & Charge, at all its charging stations. The announcement will make electric vehicle charging easier than ever before.

December 16, 2020
It’s getting easier to be green - driving towards a greener future with IONITY

The way in which people travel is undergoing a shift. The transformation of the automotive industry is happening at breakneck speed, with the next generation of available electric vehicles (EV) offering everyone the freedom to adventure across international borders, significantly reducing our carbon footprint. With its high-power charging network, IONITY is leading the e-mobility crusade, connecting European countries, and providing EV drivers with 100% renewable energy. By switching to electric mobility everyone can drive the change. The only thing needed is a “green” attitude.

November 5, 2020
IONITY welcomes HYUNDAI Motor Group as additional shareholder

IONITY is pleased to welcome Hyundai Motor Group, with Hyundai and KIA, as a strategic partner and shareholder within the IONITY group. A green light was awarded following an extensive review by the relevant regulatory authorities. Together with the South Korean car manufacturer, the team will drive the expansion of its high-power charging network along European highways, and further advocate low-emission mobility for society.

November 2, 2020
IONITY is winner of the connect magazine high-power charging (HPC) network test awards, in the Charge Point Operators category

We are proud to have emerged as winner of the connect magazine’s HPC network test awards. The test was conducted in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and in all three countries, IONITY’s charging parks scored highest in the categories of charging point, reliability, payment and service and was therefore rated best for its charging experience.
“We are once again pleased to be awarded as winner by connect magazine for our high-power charging network”, says Dr. Marcus Groll, COO of IONITY. “Thanks to the excellent work of our team over the past three years, we have already been able to put more than 290 charging parks into operation throughout Europe. The top rating is the result of our commitment and the win motivates us once more to connect Europe and make travelling with electric vehicles a new normality”.
Dirk Waasen, editor and publishing director, of connect magazine said: “With our analysis and evaluation, we want to actively shape the future of e-mobility. To make electromobility more attractive for consumers, a well-developed and reliable charging infrastructure is essential. IONITY has convinced us here across the board”.

November 2, 2020
EV-Driving On The Rise

IONITY, the leading high-power charging network for electric vehicles registered an increase in the use of its charging stations over the last few months, especially after the COVID-19 lockdown period that started in April 2020. The ongoing corona pandemic has led to a change in mobility behaviour in Europe and helped the e-mobility sector to further gain traction.

September 25, 2020
IONITY Halo charger lights up Museo Fisogni

IONITY, Europe's leading high-power charging network for electric vehicles, is donating one of its award-winning high-power charging (HPC) stations to the Museo Fisogni, as a symbol for a new generation of fuel dispensers and IONITY’s commitment to the expansion of its high-power charging network between Brenner and Sicily.

September 4, 2020
IONITY is partner of the World EV Day

IONITY, Europe's leading High-Power Charging Network for electric vehicles, is delighted to be a partner of the inaugural World EV Day, which will take place on September 9th, 2020. The day is a celebration of e-mobility to raise awareness for electric vehicles and a sustainable way of transportation.

June 4, 2020
IONITY comes first in comparison test of leading High Power Charging infrastructure operators in Germany

European High Power Charging network IONITY with its award-winning 350 kW chargers secured first place in the charge point category achieving 810 points out of a possible 1000. IONITY also achieved “very good” ratings for its chargers and payment procedures with its service/hotline set up being rated as “outstanding”. 
IONITY COO Dr. Marcus Groll commented on the results, “We are more than happy to have secured first place in the Connect Charging Network test. It is particularly satisfying to have done so well in the categories “charger” and “service hotline” as this is a real motivation for our team. Three years after being founded IONITY is well on its way to establishing itself as a significant player in high power charging both in Germany and in Europe. I also wish to thank our amazing team for achieving this result.” Unfortunately the full article is only available in German.

April 9, 2020

IONITY in conjunction with the Extra MSA Group has expanded its UK network with a 350kW High-Power Charging station for electric vehicles at Extra’s recently constructed ‘new concept’ Leeds Skelton Lake Services, located on the M1 J45 east of Leeds.

March 25, 2020

During the global Coronavirus COVID-19 crisis IONITY remains focused on delivering High Power Charging across Europe to make long distance e-mobility a reality.

January 16, 2020
IONITY announces new pricing structure

IONITY is announcing a kilowatt hour based pricing structure with effect from January 31st. Connected Mobility Service Providers (MSP) such as Audi e-tron Charging Service, Mercedes me Charge, BMW ChargeNow, Porsche Charging Service and Volkswagen WeCharge offer financially attractive and bespoke packages for motorway drivers who regularly use IONITY’s European High Power Charging network.

December 11, 2019
IONITY voted most popular brand among electric charging station providers in 2019

Global Electric Club received around 1,000 responses from users and prospects of electric vehicles between 18 November and 8 December 2019. More than 250 manufacturers of electric cars and electric scooters as well as providers of charging stations and apps for electromobility were selected to be included in the survey. "We are excited about the success of our survey. The winners are being awarded in recognition of their successful rollout in Europe”, said Sebastian Crusius, co-founder of Global Electric Club.“

September 20, 2019
Porsche Taycans use IONITY high-power charging stations on international media ride and drive event

From September 20 to October 5, IONITY's HPC charging stations will feature some very special electric vehicles: On an international media ride and drive event, starting in Oslo (Norway) and finishing in Stuttgart, Porsche is presenting its first all-electric sports car: the Taycan.

September 20, 2019

CEO Michael Hajesch wins prestigious Eurostars award for Electrification (Infrastructure) at IAA Frankfurt 2019.

September 10, 2019
World Premiere

At this year’s IAA, IONITY is introducing its next generation charging stations to the public

September 9, 2019

IONITY welcomes new shareholder Hyundai Motor Group on board

July 19, 2019
The fast charging network for e-cars is growing: New location in Thuringia launched

The service stations Altenburger Land North and South on the A4 motorway will thus become part of the Europe-wide HPC network.

June 28, 2019

IONITY partners with Extra MSA Group to provide crucial HPC stations for the UK Motorway

May 27, 2019
IONITY achieves significant milestone: 100th High-Power-Charging (HPC-) Park goes into operation in Rygge, Norway

The opening of its 100th HPC site in Rygge, Norway, IONITY represents a significant milestone in the development of charging infrastructure in Europe for IONITY.

April 25, 2019
First High Power Charging Stations on the Belgian motorway network can charge your electric car in only 20 minutes

As of today, you can charge your electric car along the Belgian motorway in only 20 minutes. Q8 and Ionity have officially opened the very first high power charging stations along the E40/E19 in Thieu (both directions).

March 15, 2019
iF Design Award 2019: IONITY product design wins Gold

67 design experts from all over the world selected the best achievements in design from more than 50 different countries. The jury agreed to honor outstanding submissions with a very special award – and honored the IONITY product design with the iF gold award 2019: „The IONITY electric charger is a highly aestethic answer to one of the key issues of e-mobility: long distance travelling“.

January 29, 2019
IONITY High Power Chargers back on line

Munich (January 29) – In response to an urgent recommendation by HUBER+SUHNER, a supplier of high-power charging cable technology, IONITY shut down a number of its high-powered chargers on January 25th as a precautionary measure. This was a result of a short circuit occurring in a firstgeneration prototype plug at a test site.

January 26, 2019
IONITY shuts down part of its network in response to urgent recommendation regarding potential safety issue with high power charging cables

Munich (January 26) - Responding to an urgent recommendation by HUBER+SUHNER, a supplier of high-power-charging cable technology, IONITY has immediately shut down a number of its highpowered chargers (up to 350kW) in its network in order to investigate a potential safety issue concerning its liquid-cooled cables. This recommendation was issued by HUBER + SUHNER to customers using the technology worldwide.

October 31, 2018
IONITY teams up with Eni and Enel x to build the first network of High-Power-Charging stations in Italy

IONITY, the joint venture of BMW, Daimler, Ford and Volkswagen Group with Audi and Porsche, has signed a framework agreement with Eni to build up to 30 High Power Charging stations in Italy from 2019, initiating a new era in Italian e-mobility. 
This new partnership complements the cooperation agreement IONITY has already signed with Enel, or more specifically its advanced energy services division Enel X, to install up to 20 IONITY high power charging stations by the end of 2019.

September 3, 2018
IONITY reveals details of new pan-european High-Power Charging network

IONITY has today revealed further details concerning its electric vehicle (EV) fast-charging network. After an initial welcome period in which the first stations to go online were available for use free of charge, IONITY is now commencing a new introductory phase introducing a charging session fee.  Accompanying this, IONITY is introducing an evolution of the  brand embodying its mission of making electric vehicle (EV) travel throughout Europe enjoyable and effortless.

June 11, 2018
CEBIT 2018 From the lowly petrol pump to the Designer Charge

In conjunction with Designworks, responsible for the visualization of the new charging stations and points making up the majority of its pan-European 350 kW High-Power Charging network, IONITY will be presenting a full-scale concept of its new charger as well as a virtual reality presentation of the IONITY charging experience from 11-15 June 2018: Visit us in Hall 25 „Future Mobility“, Stand B48.

March 5, 2018
DESIGN CONCEPT – IONITY hedges its bets on futuristic form language

Innovation, customer experience, safety and design - these are the themes that will be the driving force behind e-mobility in the future.


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