On the way to the Monaco E-Prix 2023 – from Lyon to Monaco with IONITY

The Monaco E-Prix is one of the most exciting races in the Formula E calendar. This year’s race will take place on 6th of May. The narrow streets, tight corners, and elevation changes make for a challenging race that is sure to thrill spectators. With all the cars powered by electricity, the Formula E series serves as a competitive platform for testing and developing the newest in electric drive technology, paving the way for the next generation of road cars.

If you're a fan of high-tech and e-mobility, there is probably no better reason to hit the road – of course, powered by 100 % renewable energy thanks to IONITY. We haven't just picked any route, though. We've planned a journey through one of the most beautiful landscapes in Southern Europe. Follow our directions in your EV from Lyon to Monaco and explore some highlights along the A7 ("Autoroute du Soleil") and the A8 ("La Provençale"). Let's go!

To the south along the Rhône valley

Starting in Lyon, take the A7 in the direction of Marseille. The highway runs along the Rhône Valley, home to some of France's most famous vineyards. In this area, you can see miles and miles of grapevines stretching across the hills.
After about 200 km, near Mornas, it’s a good opportunity for your first charging stop. Here, we recently opened new twin charging stations on both sides of the highway, which can accommodate up to 16 electric vehicles each. Right at the charging station IONITY “Mornas Village”, there are plenty of things you can do to take a break, such as grabbing a bite to eat at the restaurant or doing some shopping at the supermarket. However, if your EV needs to be charged before Mornas, you can alternatively stop at IONITY stations in Saint-Rambert-d'Albon or Montélimar along the A7. 

Highlight nearby
If you have some time to explore, Avignon is a lovely and lively historical city famous for the UNESCO site Palais des Papes and the picturesque Pont d'Avignon. It is also very appreciated for its Provençal cuisine, which features fresh vegetables, seafood, and herbs.

From Avignon to Aix-en-Provence

Once you are back on the road and reach the area of Avignon, you can discover the most beautiful countryside in Provence. The lavender fields, for which the landscape is so famous, will bloom from June onwards. And the hills are dotted with olive groves, which produce some of the best olive oil in the world. If you require a top-up charge, take a break at IONITY stations “Sorgues” or “Morières” along the way. 
Around 45 kilometres before arriving in Aix-en-Provence, you have to leave the A7 and continue on the A8 towards Nice. Your next possible charging stop after changing highways is the IONITY station “Vidauban Sud”.

Highlight nearby
From Aix-en-Provence, you can make a detour to Marseille by simply following the A7. As a port city, Marseille has always been a cultural melting pot. It’s more cosmopolitan than most French cities, so it's worth visiting if you have the time.

Driving along the French Riviera

Approximately 170 kilometres along the A8 you reach IONITY “Bréguières Nord” which is close to Cannes. While charging, you can enjoy a coffee before making your way towards Monaco and taking on the last 50 kilometres of the trip.

Highlight nearby
Only a few kilometres from the IONITY station is the famous and beautiful waterfront promenade of Cannes, La Croisette. Take a leisurely stroll under the shade of pine and palm trees, admire the luxurious shops and hotels or enjoy the beach where legendary movie stars have lounged.

The last leg to Monaco

There are several ways to travel from Cannes to Monaco. Take coastal roads for a scenic drive, conquer curvy mountain roads, or simply follow the A8. The latter winds around Nice and takes you quickly to your destination: the glamorous Monaco. We hope you have an exhilarating time at the Monaco E-Prix 2023 and a safe journey back!

Highlights in Monaco
This tiny principality boasts beautiful beaches, high-end shops, and luxurious hotels. Monaco also has some unique attractions such as the Prince's Palace of Monaco, the Oceanographic Museum, and the Monte Carlo Casino.