Charging station Merklingen 

24 High-power charging points on highly frequented travel route

IONITY's Merklingen charging station, located along the A8 highway in Germany, is one of the largest IONITY hubs in Europe. It accommodates up to 24 electric vehicles simultaneously, featuring Alpitronic HYC400 chargers with a 200 kW capacity per outlet and IONITY’s own award-winning Halo chargers delivering up to 350 kW.

Merklingen is the first IONITY hub showcasing both charger types side by side, increasing availability of ultra-fast charging points. The station provides convenient facilities for travelers, including spacious parking lots, drive-thrus for trailers, and a restaurant called "H_Albzeit". The restaurant not only boasts spectacular architecture, but also features a market hall that features local specialities, a bakery, butcher’s shop and a nice restaurant with alcoves and a cosy fireplace. For those who wish to continue their journey quickly, visiting the fast food restaurant next door is also an option.

Alpitronic HYC400 chargers with two outlets at 200 kW charging capacity each
IONITY’s own award-winning Halo chargers delivering up to 350 kW

The new charging hub is part of IONITY's ambitious expansion plan along the A8 highway, one of the main travel routes in the northern Alpine region, stretching from Luxembourg via Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, Ulm, Augsburg and Munich to Bad Reichenhall on the German-Austrian border.

“We have ambitious expansion plans along the German and European highways and major travel routes”, says Christoph Strecker, Country Manager in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH) at IONITY. “ Just in time for the travel season around the turn of the year, IONITY is opening many new, large charging stations with a high-quality range of services on the main traffic routes A3, A7, A8 and A9 in Germany. These are modelled after the example of the IONITY Merklingen site.

Do you want to learn more about the IONITY network in Germany? We asked Country Manager Christoph Strecker to tell us more about the country's expansion plans. Read the full interview here.

IONITY stands for High-power charging with 350 kW. Its award-winning design of the IONITY charger with the typical HALO is internationally renowned. We are now complementing the existing range of 350 kW HALO chargers with 200 kW High-power charging points. What is important to know?

Will IONITY install Alpitronic chargers with one or two power outlets?
We will install Alpitronic chargers (HYC400) with two power outlets. Each outlet has maximum capacity of 200 kW.

Will these chargers offer Plug & Charge?  
Yes. The 200 kW High-power chargers will offer the same level of convenience as the HALO chargers.

How can people pay at the 200 kW High-power chargers?
The payment options are the same as with all of our chargers:

  • Payment via app with online registration
  • Payment via QR code without online registration
  • Payment with an NFC token or RFID card provided by a mobility service provider
  • Plug & Charge if the vehicle enables this
  • Credit card payment using the NFC payment terminals wherever possible

Will you charge different prices at the 200 kW High-power charging points and the Halo chargers?
No, we will charge the same prices at all of our chargers.