How EV's Are Spearheading Energy Independence

Fighting climate change and minimising our carbon footprint are good reasons for going electric. But as recent fluctuations in petrol and diesel prices prove, there is another reason to wean ourselves off fossil fuels – energy independence.

Enchained by the fossil supply chain

Before it reaches a car, oil needs to be drilled, often with dirty methods. Then it’s refined and transported to local gas stations. Right now, it’s easily available, but like the 70s fuel crisis proved, that can quickly change. Geopolitical fluctuations, as witnessed recently, can suddenly hurt the supply and price of fossil fuels, hurting your wallet, too. So while the guaranteed supply of fossil fuels can be affected by many factors, we can comfortably predict that come tomorrow, the sun will still shine, and the wind will still blow.

Local is the new global

Electricity is an automotive ‘fuel’ that can be truly produced and supplied locally. While some may go off the grid to become energy independent, the rest of us can switch to locally-sourced electricity, like locally sourced food. That’s where IONITY comes in.

Carbon neutral with IONITY

IONITY’s mission goes much further than just making charging of electric cars easy. We also want to make it truly green. Not sort of green. Not mostly green. Completely green. That’s why the electricity offered at IONITY charging stations is generated only through renewable power sources – often coming from a renewable energy source in the area. Case in point being the Czech charging station in Lovosice, powered by the nearby hydro-energy plant. What this means is that if you charge on the IONITY network, you are already driving with no carbon footprint.
With energy consumption by electric cars expected to rise nine-fold by the end of this decade, it is imperative to make this electricity clean. Here is where IONITY, with its high standards for energy cleanness, is set to make a major difference.

The time to change from fossil fuels to renewable energy is now

Electric will do the trick

Just like it did back when it was invented, electricity is redefining freedom. The freedom to choose a stable, reliable, and predictable power source, regardless of how it’s made. And with IONITY, drivers of electric vehicles enjoy not just the freedom to cross borders in 24 European countries, but also the freedom to choose Energy Independence.