E-Cannonball 2023 - and IONITY right in the middle of it

The E-Cannonball is Germany´s largest electric car rally – this year it took place in Southern Germany and Austria

75 teams geared up to compete for victory at E-cannonball 2023

A few weeks ago, the 6th edition of the E-Cannonball took place. This time, seventy-five fully electric vehicles geared up to compete on a 400-kilometer-long circuit through Germany and Austria meandering through the breathtaking Alps. As event sponsors, we seized the opportunity to participate with our own two teams – but most importantly, connect and engage with the EV driver community in Germany to receive valuable feedback regarding their charging experience with IONITY.

Our teams 

Team Red Kite 1
Left: Philipp Meyer-Lindemann
Right: Christoph Strecker
Car: Ford Mustang Mach-E

18th place in their category

Team Red Kite 2
Left: Ferdinand Wieland
Right: Verena Drexl
Car: Tesla Model 3 SR

Winner in their category

The E-Cannonball is Germany’s largest electric car rally, aiming to demonstrate the practicality of electric mobility in everyday life. Participants’ main task is to master the start-to-finish route while adhering to predetermined passage controls along the way. Beyond that, teams have the freedom to choose their route within a specified corridor as well as their charging strategy.

Are you interested in participating yourself?
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