Divers Alert Network takes on 12,000 km through the UK & Ireland in an EV

After two months across the UK and Ireland, the mission of the Sustainable Tour 2022 of the Divers Alert Network (DAN) Europe was accomplished. It attracted a lot of attention for its message that reducing C02 emissions is vital for the survival of life in our oceans. 12,000 kilometres were covered in a climate-neutral way: by electric car and with charging stops at IONITY fast charging stations.

It has been more than two months since DAN Europe Ambassadors Manuel Bustelo and Alana Alvarez set off to their second Sustainable Tour, in an electric car, to raise awareness of the fact that reducing CO2 emissions is vital for ocean health to protect marine ecosystems. For them, it was essential to travel emission free and climate neutral. That's why they relied on the network of IONITY high power chargers that supply electricity exclusively from renewable sources. After 12,000 kilometres through Great Britain and Ireland, they have accomplished a lot.

DAN Europe Ambassadors Manuel Bustelo and Alana Alvarez

“We have been able to raise awareness about the connection between renewable energy and ocean health. Moreover, we have been able to do this long-distance journey emissions-free thanks to the IONITY charging network,” Manuel reports and continues: “The ocean has the capacity to absorb CO2 from the environment. Since the industrial revolution, we have emitted a large excess of CO2 into the atmosphere, which is causing the ocean's pH to decrease – a process known as Ocean Acidification. Therefore, the electrification of transport, accompanied by using renewable energies, is crucial to maintain the balance and health of marine ecosystems and the other living organisms, like us, that depend on them.”
During the tour, the team attended no less than 30 conferences, organized jointly with Diving Centers in the region.“The Diving Centers invited members from their community to listen to our presentation,” Alana explains. “In addition, we were able to visit Plymouth Marine Laboratory, with whom we are in discussions for the possible development of a citizen science project to monitor the pH of the UK coastline by divers.”

Apart from the massive success of the mission, the team also demonstrated that long-distance driving in an electric vehicle is possible and even recommendable. The Sustainable Tour 2022 started in Roseto degli Abruzzi, Italy where DAN Europe's HQ is located and continued to Calais, France, where the team crossed the English Channel via the Chunnel.
“Once we were in the UK, we basically zig-zagged through the whole region! We started in the east of England, heading north until we reached the Orkney Islands in Scotland. We then headed south again, crossed by ferry to Northern Ireland and drove to the Republic of Ireland. Finally, we made our way back to England through Wales and along the west coast,” Manuel recounts and adds, – “In total we travelled 12,000 km.”
Driving long-distance in an electric vehicle, however, was never an issue for the team. So it set a curious record almost by accident.

A detailed map of the Sustainable Tour 2022 can be found here

“The charging network is constantly growing, and it is becoming easier to find the charging stations. We actually charged at every single IONITY station in the UK and Ireland – plus another five in France and Italy. In total we visited nearly 30 stations. Our favorites were Norwich and Glasgow, probably because we met wonderful and enthusiastic IONITY customers there,” says Manuel.
“At every station we stopped at, we chatted with those who were charging. We noticed that people were happy to hear that IONITY only selects suppliers that generate electricity from renewable sources, helping to protect our climate with every charge,” Alana reports and offers some advice for those travelling long distance to increase their efficiency and save time. Here's a list of her tips & tricks:

  • Charge only up to 80 % to save time and move on to the next station if travel distance allows.
  • Study your route beforehand. Knowing where and at what time you will be at the next station will allow you to coincide with mealtimes, online meetings or walks to stretch your legs.
  • Use the ECO mode of your car.
  • Accelerate gradually to use your battery's energy efficiently.

Manuel and Alana conclude with a final piece of advice that is particularly important to them: “Finally, enjoy the road and the stops – life isn't just about getting to your destination!”