Discover Sustainable Christmas Markets across Europe

From Copenhagen to the Christmas Market in Gothenburg

Embark on a green winter journey from Copenhagen to Gothenburg, as part of our road trip series to sustainable Christmas markets in Europe. Charging at IONITY stations along the way, you'll explore the enchantment of Scandinavia during wintertime. Sounds good? Then hop in and prepare for a journey that's as sustainable as it is heartwarming.

The Liseberg Christmas Market, or "Lisebergs Julmarknad", as the Swedes call it, is one of Scandinavia's most renowned and cherished holiday markets. It takes place in Gothenburg's popular amusement park, “Liseberg”, which transforms into a winter wonderland during the holiday season.
Hundreds of thousands of shimmering lights, delicious Swedish foods, entertainment and numerous family activities come together to make for an unforgettable holiday experience: the charming Christmas market, the lively atmosphere of the amusement park and the winter setting create an ambience that truly captures the spirit of the holiday season.
However, the Liseberg Christmas Market is more than just a pretty sight: Gothenburg has been named ‘most sustainable destination’ multiple times in a row. And as such, Liseberg Christmas Market uses renewable energy and powers all of its Christmas lights with Liseberg’s very own wind turbine.
If you want to get into the right Christmas spirit, you probably need no better reason to hit the road than this special trip from Copenhagen to Gothenburg. Powered by green energy when charging at IONITY, you will of course, travel in a climate-neutral way. Get everyone in the car, and let’s go!

Entering Sweden: From Copenhagen to Malmö

Starting in Copenhagen, the first leap of the trip takes you just 40 kilometres from Copenhagen to Malmö on the E20. During the journey, you will cross the famous Öresundbridge, which connects Denmark and Sweden and offers beautiful panoramic views across the sea. By the way, you will find the IONITY station Malmö just after the bridge. 

Highlight nearby
If you have some time to spare, exploring “Malmöhus” castle and taking a stroll around “Lilla Torg” (Little Square) is a must. Lilla Torg is a picturesque quarter in the heart of Malmö, best known for its well-preserved 16th and 17th-century architecture and cobblestone streets.

Going Up North: From Malmö to Helsingborg

Once you are back on the road, you take off eastwards on the E6 again and after about nine kilometres, turn northbound on the E20, where you stay for around 60 kilometres before taking the exit on the E4 and arriving at the next stop just outside of Helsingborg where the IONITY station Helsingborg is located.

Highlight nearby
If you have time to explore, Helsingborg offers a beautiful waterfront definitely worth visiting. Go for a walk, enjoy the cool, crisp breeze on your face and warm up afterwards at one of the many cafés.

Almost there: From Helsingborg to Varberg

After entering the E6 again, you face the longest part of the journey, which takes you around 150 kilometres northbound. On your way, you will pass through a few small Swedish villages and some typical Scandinavian landscapes. Approximately one and a half hours later, right after passing Varberg, you arrive at the IONITY station Varberg for your last charging stop on the road.

Highlights nearby
History enthusiasts can visit the Varberg Fortress nearby, home to the world-famous “Bockstensmannen”,  a remarkably well-preserved mediaeval body that was found in a bog in 1936. If you are in the mood for a little Christmas shopping instead, we recommend taking a little detour on Route 153 east to Ullared’s Outlet Mall.

Arriving in Gothenburg

Continuing our trip on the E6, you will make it to Gothenburg in less than an hour. Liseberg Amusement Park, where Gothenburg's famous Christmas Market is held yearly, is just a little south of the city centre. Enjoy the Christmas magic in a whimsical setting, and don’t forget the camera to capture all the memories to come. 

Adress: Liseberg, 412 51 Göteborg, Sweden

Opening days: 18. November – 07. January 2024

Opening hours: Check visitation hours on

Overall travelling distance: 316 km

Number of IONITY Stations along the way: 3