Discover Sustainable Christmas Markets across Europe

From Milan to the Christmas Market in Basel

Embark on an enchanting winter journey from Milan to Basel to explore one of Switzerland’s largest and most impressive Christmas markets. Taking your EV and charging with IONITY ensures a carbon-neutral journey where you can enjoy views of the Alps and other stunning landscapes along the way. Get in and get ready for some unforgettable winter memories!

Basel's Christmas market is one of Switzerland’s most renowned and is known as a festive wonderland that perfectly captures the season’s spirit. Nestled in the heart of the city, it is surrounded by historic buildings providing a charming backdrop that sets the atmosphere. The air is filled with the scent of culinary delights like the classic Basel “Läckerli” (traditional gingerbread), Swiss raclette, grilled sausages or “Glühwein” (mulled wine). As you stroll through the market, you'll be surrounded by twinkling lights and beautifully decorated wooden stalls, which create a cosy and rustic atmosphere.
But Basel's measures to improve sustainability are also worth mentioning: all the lights are energy-efficient, and they make efforts to reduce waste and reject mass-produced merchandise. Instead, you can explore a wide selection of lovingly designed, local products, often even handmade. Festive music and plenty of exciting pre-Christmas events add to the joyful ambience.
Do you want to experience a Christmas market straight out of a holiday postcard? Then you should hit the road for this special trip from Milan to Basel. Powered, of course, by IONITY’s 100% renewable energy. Let’s get going!

Crossing into Switzerland: From Milan to Bellinzona

Your journey starts in Milan, from where you take the highway A8 for around 20 kilometres before exiting onto the A9 towards Como. On your way, you will pass by some smaller Italian villages, fields and pine-green forests. As you get closer to Como, the city at the southern tip of Lake Como, you might glimpse at the world-famous lake before crossing into Switzerland on the A2. On the way north, you almost drive perfectly along the Fiume Ticino River, the left tributary of Po. After 50 kilometres on the A2, you arrive at the IONITY station Bellinzona Süd, where you can recharge your EV for the journey ahead. While charging your EV, you can stretch your legs and go for a little walk at the Fiume Ticino River, which is less than five minutes from the IONITY station on foot.

Highlights nearby
If you have a little more time to spare, you can visit the charming town of Bellinzona and tour its famous three castles ‘Castelgrande’, ‘Montebello’ and ‘Sasso Corbaro’. The three castles, as well as the city walls, are among the most impressive examples of mediaeval fortress architecture in the region and were added to the UNESCO World heritage list in 2000.

Switzerland at its best: From Bellinzona to Schattdorf

Back on the route, you stay on the A2 for nearly 100 kilometres before arriving at the IONITY station Gotthard Nord. The landscape between Bellinzona and Schattdorf offers a stunning journey through the Swiss Alps, showcasing some of the country's most picturesque and natural beauty.

Highlights nearby
In need of some recharging yourself? Next to the station, you can also find the very modern and appealing highway service station “Gotthard Raststätte”, which includes a shop, some relaxing areas and a restaurant that mainly offers dishes made with seasonal and regional products. If you are a sports enthusiast, you should spend a day or two in Schattdorf and go on one of the many local hiking trails or visit the popular winter sports destination Engelberg nearby.

Enjoy a fantastic view: From Schattdorf to the Lucerne area

Continue northwards on the A2 through beautiful alpine landscapes with mountains, little lakes, forests and typical Swiss villages. After about 50 kilometres, the IONITY station Neuenkirch appears, so if you didn't stop to charge
your car at Gotthard North, this is your next chance. The area around the charging station has much more to offer than High-power charging: unique panoramic views over the mountains surrounding you, an alpine atmosphere and a restaurant with some proper Swiss food rich in market-fresh fruits and vegetables.

Highlight nearby
If you have some extra time to spare in the Lucerne area, Europe’s oldest bridge, the “Kapellbrücke'', is just 15 minutes away and definitely worth the visit! The architectural artefact was  built around 1365 with a water tower in the middle and is considered one of the main attractions in Lucerne.

Arriving in Basel

Relaxed and full of anticipation, you can now embark on the last leg of your journey. Staying on the A2, you make it from Neuenkirch to Basel in about an hour. The Christmas market is held on Barfüsserplatz and Münsterplatz in the city centre, where you can find several paid parking garages nearby. If you prefer free parking, you should try surrounding areas like Iselin or Gotthelf.
Once you make your way to the city centre, enchanting lights, the smell of Swiss delicacies and a magic holiday atmosphere that seems straight out of a fairytale greet you. Now, enjoy your time at Basel’s Christmas market.

Address: Barfüsserplatz, 4051 Basel, Switzerland & Münsterplatz, 4051 Basel, Switzerland

Opening days: 11th November to 23rd December

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday: 11.00 – 20.30

Overall travelling distance: 348 km

Number of IONITY Stations along the way: 3