Discover Sustainable Christmas Markets across Europe

From Frankfurt to the Christmas Market in Nuremberg

Embark on a journey from Frankfurt to Nuremberg to explore the legendary Nuremberg Christmas Market – one of Germany's most renowned and traditional Christmas markets. Discover regional traditions and gems along the way such as Würzburg's vineyard-covered hills or the Wertheim Village Outlet. Charge up at IONITY with 100% renewable energy and savour the magic of Nuremberg's holiday spirit. Unforgettable memories await!

The legendary Nuremberg Christmas Market, or “Nürnberger Christkindlesmarkt”, is one of the most famous and traditional Christmas markets in Germany and welcomes over two million visitors each year. The market is set in the historic Old Town of Nuremberg and has a charming and festive atmosphere with twinkling lights and beautiful decorations.
Step into a winter wonderland where 180 wooden stalls, adorned with the iconic red and white striped fabric, beckon like candy canes in the snow. Still looking for some Christmas gifts? The market offers a variety of goods, including handmade crafts, ornaments, toys, and delicious treats. You'll find traditional German holiday delights like “Lebkuchen” (gingerbread), “Nürnberger Würstchen” (savoury sausages) and  ”Glühwein” (mulled wine).
The centrepiece of the market is the Christkind, a young angelic-looking character, who opens the market with a prologue and continues to make appearances on the Christmas market, spreading Christmas cheer and holiday magic.
However, the market not only impresses with its unique atmosphere and rich tradition but also with its efforts towards eco-friendliness and the sustainable use of resources. For example, the Christmas market has committed to sourcing wares from traditional regional manufacturers and the lighting is powered by regenerative energy from regional hydroelectric and photovoltaic plants.
The unique combination of holiday magic, tradition awareness and a commitment to the environment makes the Nuremberg Christmas market a must-visit destination for all. Could there be any better reason for a winter road trip? We don’t think so, either. So get everybody in the car, and let’s go.

Auf Wiedersehen: From Frankfurt to Rodgau

Your journey starts in Frankfurt, from where you take the A3 for just a little over 20 kilometres until you arrive at the IONITY station Weiskirchen Süd in Rodgau, where you can take the opportunity to recharge your EV if needed. As you move towards Rodgau, the surroundings gradually shift from urban to suburban and more fields and forests appear around you. While charging, you can grab a coffee or treat yourself to some snacks at the fast food restaurant by the station.

Highlight nearby
If you have some time to explore, you should visit the Basilika Seligenstadt just ten kilometres from the IONITY station in Rodgau. The Romanesque “Basilica St. Marcellinus and St. Petrus” was first built in the year 1050 and is located right next to the river Main, which represents the border between Hesse and Bavaria in this area.

Into Bavaria: From Rodgau to Dettelbach

Back on the route, you continue on the A3 for the longest leg of your journey. On your way, you pass through typical German landscapes of charming small towns and green pine forests. Need a charging break? Twelve High-power chargers await you at the IONITY station Dettelbach after 140 kilometres on the A3. The station is located inside Mainfrankenpark, a large industrial area that offers multiple fast food places, overnight accommodation, and even a bowling alley and a 3D cinema. So, the area is perfect for a short walk or to grab a snack or coffee.
Alternatively, four more chargers are available to you at the IONITY station Haidt Süd, another 15 kilometres further down the A3.

Highlights nearby
If you have some more time to spare, we recommend visiting Würzburg, a charming city nestled in the heart of Bavaria, which fascinates travellers with its captivating blend of history, culture and nature. Hike through the vineyard-covered hills, enjoy some of the excellent wines and foods of the area or marvel at the baroque architecture such as the UNESCO-listed “Würzburg Residenz”. Are you feeling in the mood for shopping instead? Then, visiting the Wertheim Village Outlet on the way to Würzburg is almost a necessity.

Arriving in Nuremberg

Once your EV is recharged, you can embark on the very last leg of your journey and take the A3 for around 100 kilometres all the way to Nuremberg. On your way, you pass through the beautiful Bavarian landscape enveloped in winter colours.
Once you enter Nuremberg, you should park somewhere near Hauptmarkt, where the legendary “Nürnberger Christkindlesmarkt” is held each year. Now, take in the unique atmosphere, enjoy some Bavarian dishes and craftsmanship and let yourself be enchanted by the shimmering lights and the magic of the holiday season.

Address: Hauptmarkt, 90403 Nuremberg, Germany

Opening days: 1st December – 24th December

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday: 10.00 – 21.00

Overall travelling distance: 230 km

Number of IONITY Stations along the way: 3