Four ways to make charging a success


IONITY stations are fast and reliable, and our mission is to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. To make sure that your charging session always starts successfully, we have four simple tips for you.

  1. Make sure the car is unlocked when you start charging.
  2. When using the IONITY App or Payment website, please authenticate before connecting the charger with your car. There is a time window in which the payment needs to be validated, and if it isn’t, the charging session is aborted.
  3. Be sure to hold the plug firmly in your car until it is locked-in and wait until the charging session has started. You will typically hear some clicking noises in the charger.
  4. If you are using a RFID or charging card, hold it close to the reader and wait for a few seconds. If there is no success, try again by moving it slightly closer to the reader. If, for some reason, the charger doesn’t recognise your card/RFID, try to start the charge from the App of your Mobility Service Provider or by scanning the QR code on the charger.

If the charging process doesn’t start or you have any other problem, get in touch with our friendly customer service, available in 8 languages round the clock, all year round, with the phone number available on each charger. Our customer service agents can even re-boot the charger just like your computer at work or home. You just need to tell them the charger’s unique ID, located near the phone number.

Hitting the road? 
Check out a collection of things to consider before you go and when arriving at one of our charging stations.