Sustainable mobility in the Lake Garda region

We have inaugurated our largest charging station so far in Affi at Lake Garda, Italy. The new site is located at a strategic crossroads, important for both tourist and commercial traffic flows.

The new charging station in Affi at Lake Garda, Italy, was officially inaugurated in the presence of the Vice President of the Veneto Region, the President of the Province of Verona and the Mayor of Affi. With a total of 28 charging stations and 172 high-power charging points spread across Italy, IONITY now operates one of the largest high-power charging networks open to electric vehicles of all brands in the country.

The Affi charging station, currently the largest in the IONITY network, is located right off the A22/E45 motorway exit “Lago di Garda Sud” - at a strategic crossroads between continental Europe, the northern Italian lakes and southern Italy. Its 18 High-Power chargers offer up to 350 kW charging capacity and are all covered with a photovoltaic roof. The solar energy generated with it can be used for charging or fed into the local power grid as needed. While charging, our customers will benefit from the numerous services and amenities of the nearby shopping centre.

The inauguration ceremony of our largest charging station so far in Affi at Lake Garda

“Affi represents the heart of carbon-neutral electric travel in Northern Italy and beyond,” said Elena Airoldi, Country Manager Italy at IONITY. “The location makes a perfect entry to the Lake Garda region and at the same time represents an ideal stop-over for long distance electric travel going north or south”.

The municipality of Affi is not only an exceptional travel destination. It also demonstrated successfully how municipal investments in renewable energies and electric mobility can reduce CO2 emissions while promoting economic growth. Therefore, Affi can already cover its energy needs almost entirely by itself.

“This new IONITY station in our community is a key element of sustainable mobility and will benefit both consumers and regional businesses alike,” explains Affi´s mayor, Marco Giacomo Sega. “Thanks to the foresight of the administration that decided to invest in renewable energies and the services connected to it early on, we have brought hundreds of new businesses - including retail, industry and service providers to the municipal area over the past years making Affi a productive reference point for all companies in the territory, as well as an excellent tourist destination".