Explore Sweden’s West Coast with IONITY

Planning a summer roadtrip with your EV? We have curated a special route with unforgettable experiences along Sweden’s West Coast for you. From beautiful beaches and cliffs over picturesque fishing villages to museums for young and old - here is something for everyone.

The historic beach of Tylösand close to Halmstad

Sweden’s West Coast has become increasingly popular amongst international travelers, but also remains a beloved destination for Swedes – and there’s no surprise in that! Embark on a summer adventure in your EV, conveniently charging at IONITY high-power charging stations along the way, if needed. This way, you can enjoy a hassle-free vacation, while also traveling sustainably, as all the energy at IONITY high-power charging stations is sourced from renewable sources only. Sounds good? Let’s get right into it!

Going south from Strömstad: Tanumshede and Grebbestad

Our journey starts on the E6 motorway from Strömstad. Around 30 km south, we stop in Tanumshede, where we marvel at the captivating landscape and catch a glimpse into the Bronze Age through the remarkably preserved rock carvings at the UNESCO-listed “Vitlycke Museum”.

In Tanumshede we take the Route 163, which brings us to the idyllic town of Grebbestad, where we explore the charming harbor area and stroll along the pier, where fishing boats, local shops, cafés, and restaurants serving fresh seafood await us. A special tip is the restaurant “Grebbestad Fiskhandel”, which offers everything from shrimps, over fish to lobster. From Grebbestad we take the Route 163 in reverse and continue south on the E6 for a little over 200 km before arriving at our next destination: Varberg.

Charging along the way:
If you require charging, you can do so either at IONITY station Strömstad or at IONITY station Spekeröd, halfway between Tanumshede and Varberg.

Picture: Idyllic town of Grebbestad

Exploring the beach of Varberg

Once we make our way to the charming town of Varberg, we take a nice walk along the seafront, relax at the beach close by the city center and take a refreshing swim in the ocean. If you are into water sports, Varberg is known as surfer’s paradise along the West Coast. Before heading back on the road, we explore Varberg Fortress, home to the renowned Bockstensmannen, the famous medieval bog body.

 If you are in the mood for a little shopping tour, we recommend taking a detour on the Route 153 east to Ullared, which offers an Outlet Mall and various other shopping opportunities. The biggest attraction in Ullared is Gekås, which claims to be the biggest supermarket in the world and attracts millions of visitors from all over the world every year.

Charging along the way:
If you require a top-up charge, IONITY station Varberg awaits you with six high-power chargers.

Picture: Beach of Varberg

Wrapping up our trip: Halmstad and Värnamo

From Varberg we take the E6 for a little over 70 km before arriving in Halmstad. Here, we take a stroll along the historic Tylösand beach and pay a visit to the Halland Art Museum. Another highlight in Halmstad is experiencing the untamed beauty of the Spenshults nature reserve, with its wild forests and unspoiled landscapes.

Continuing our journey from Halmstad, we take the Route 25 east for 70 km before eventually switching on the E4 towards Värnamo. In the Värnamo city center, a must-see is Apladalen, a popular nature and heritage park, which is partly designed as an open-air museum. Apladalen contains several historic buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries and offers craft workshops and a handicraft exhibition. Furthermore - and especially interesting if you are traveling with kids - various domestic animals are kept there.

Design enthusiasts must also visit the Bruno Mathsson Centre, paying homage to one of Sweden's most celebrated furniture designers and Vandalorum, a museum showcasing the most influential art and design of our time.

Charging nearby:
If you require charging you can do so at the IONITY station Varberg, Värnamo or at IONITY station Ljungby a little more than halfway between Halmstad and Värnamo.

Picture:  Vandalorum Museum

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