Tips to increase the range in winter 

Often, when winter grips large parts of Europe and covers landscapes with frost and snow, the scenery is breathtakingly beautiful. The cold weather can be invigorating, and many people are drawn to the mountains for winter sports. Your electric car is an excellent choice for trips during this time of the year – as quiet as winter and simultaneously sustainable.

With an IONITY station in place every 150 to 200 kilometres along European motorways and main roads, long distances are comfortably possible in any weather. Just keep in mind while planning a journey that the battery's chemical processes are slowing down at lower temperatures. This means you can’t get the same range out of your EV as on a warm day.

Therefore, here are some useful tips to increase your EV’s range under freezing conditions:

  1. Preheat your car and start with a full battery  
    If possible, park your car inside a garage and heat it up while plugged in the wallbox before setting off. Your EV offers a timed preheat option? Make use of it to have your car ready when you want to leave your home. This will save energy while driving and ensure your battery is warmed up for subsequent charging.
  2. Check tire pressure
    When the roads are covered with snow or slush, your car's tires get a lot of contact with the surface, which takes more energy to move them. Too little air in your tires increases their rolling resistance even more. Fill them up to the correct air pressure, and you won't lose range unnecessarily.
  3. Adopt an energy-saving driving style
    Avoid rapid acceleration and high speed. This also makes for much safer driving on icy winter roads. Activating the “Eco” mode will help you to drive smoothly. This energy-saving function of your EV also regulates the power consumption of the heating.
  4. Use seat heaters instead of air heater
    Seat heating and steering wheel heating are much more efficient than air heating. These will be enough to keep you and your passengers warm in an already preheated car. That is, provided there is a seat heater in every occupied seat.
  5. Plan an extra stop
    If the temperature outside is low, you should expect limited range and longer charging times. So be prepared to plan extra charging stops during long-distance travels.

When you stop to charge at an IONITY station, your car's battery will already be warm from driving, which helps improve charging time. Consider charging only up to 80 % as charging from 80 to 100 % can take the same amount of time as charging from 20 to 80 %. Therefore, an additional charging stop can actually save time. Learn more about charging your EV in winter in this article

Finally, our most important tip: drive cautiously and give yourself a little more time. Enjoy a relaxed journey and rejoice in the magic and adventure that only the cold season brings.

Winter is a great time to travel with your EV. Get even more tips with our IONITY Winter Travel Guide.