Six tips for charging etiquette


This year, there are more electric vehicles (EVs) on the roads than ever before. This may lead to even longer waiting times at our charging stations. That’s why it’s important to be thoughtful when charging your EV so you don’t end up obstructing other drivers from charging theirs. We’ve outlined a proper charging etiquette for our stations.

If your EV is only able to accept a maximum of 50 kW, and there is a multi-charger available, consider using that one instead of a high-power charger. You could still use IONITY’s high power chargers, but the power will be restricted to whatever your vehicle can deal with.

  1. If all chargers are occupied, make sure you wait in an area that does not block traffic or parked cars. In case of doubt, get out of the car and ask others about who is next in line. You’ll be surprised how far a friendly approach can take you.
  2. Be patient and wait until you’re next. Let the ones travelling with you enjoy some time at the facilities the service areas offer.
  3. Once it’s your turn, park within the lines at the charging station you want to use. Pay attention to cars moving forward and backwards: EVs have power inlets in different spots, so they need to park differently.
  4. Make sure you always start the charging process with a State of Charge (SOC) below 20%, as the best charging performance is achieved between a SOC of 20 - 80%.
  5. Charge only as much as you need to reach your next destination. Charging slows down quickly beyond 80%, and the speed might be reduced even sooner to protect your battery. Charging more often, but for a shorter time, making use of the highest possible charging speed saves both your time and the time of those in line after you.
  6. Once you are finished charging, please leave, and park your car elsewhere. There is nothing more annoying than waiting for a customer to return to his/her fully charged car.

You’ll be surprised how far a friendly approach can take you.

Hitting the road?
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