Customers of Mobility Service Providers can pay directly via their contactless cards or tokens for tap-and-go payments. Most services also offer smartphone apps for payment. Simply open the app, authorize payment, and go. If IONITY is not available from your mobility service provider of choice, let them know it’s time to join our network. Please note that IONITY does not issue any charging cards.



All IONITY charging stations offer quick, seamless, on-the-spot smartphone payments via mobile browser. Simply scan the station’s barcode, enter your details, and authorize payment. Access as a guest, or register your payment details so all your future payments are as easy as scan-and-go.

Or simply trigger the payment process right now by clicking on the button below. Just be sure location-based services are activated on your smartphone.


Your Charging Questions

All vehicles using the Combined Charging System (CCS), the most widely adopted EV charging standard in Europe, are compatible with the network. The CCS standard allows for achieving coverage for the vast majority of BEVs.

No cable needed. Charging cables are already built into the hardware at every station, so there’s nothing for you to remember and nothing for you to forget. Simply plug, charge, and go.

A vehicle capable of the full 350 kW charging power can be charged in approx. 10-15 minutes, which is significantly faster than it takes at more common 50 kW charging stations as of today. Each charging station and point offers the potential of up to 350 kW. Smart logic inside the charger means all EVs equipped with CCS will automatically charge at the fastest rate their batteries can safely handle. 

No. You can charge your vehicle and pay directly with your smartphone at all IONITY stations across Europe. In addition, we offer customers of mobility service providers the ability to access and authenticate payments directly from the service’s smartphone app or through their contactless cards or tokens.

For personal payments at IONITY charging stations, please check current pricing  here. For third-party payments, please check directly with your mobility service provider for their individualized rates.

Returning customers who intend to pay directly can save their preferred payment method and details for future, seamless use at any IONITY location across Europe. Please register  here

Yes. If you are paying directly, please register at our payment website. Then, after you charge your EV you can request an invoice as a PDF file via email. Customers of mobility service providers should contact their provider directly.

Our local customer service phone numbers are displayed at all charging stations. For trouble charging or any other support request simply call the provided number to receive immediate assistance.