Climate change affects us all. Managing it and protecting our climate is an enormous task that we can only accomplish together. Approximately one third of carbon emissions come from the mobility sector and so part of the solution is to speed up the transition to e-mobility. And reducing or even eliminating damaging carbon emissions from transport. To enable this transition, customers really need adequate charging infrastructure so we can drive every day and everywhere, not just in the big cities.

IONITY can help - in roughly 1,000 days since we were founded, we have built the largest, fastest, and greenest highway charging network across Europe, open to electric vehicles of all brands. We are leaving behind the sceptics of e-mobility and long-distance travel. Concerns about range, charging times and sustainability are all disappearing in the rear-view mirror.


EV drivers should be able to enjoy the freedom to go wherever they want. That’s why we are building, operating, and growing our network of high-powered charging infrastructure along highways in 24 European countries - with the goal of having an IONITY station in place every 150-200 kilometers. With these stations strategically placed along Europe’s highways, crossing the continent in your EV is just as easy as it was with your petrol or diesel car.

By 2025 we’ll have installed and commissioned almost 7,000 charging stations across Europe. 
Here you can see how far we’ve come today.


The desire to go green is often the main reason for going electric. But to be truly green, driving an EV should be emission-free and carbon neutral. This will only happen if it’s powered by electricity from renewable energy sources. And that's why IONITY only selects providers that generate electricity exclusively from wind, water, sun, and biomass – so every charging process makes a real contribution to protecting our climate. Wherever you are in Europe.

Our expanding charging network and the steadily increasing number of charging sessions make IONITY a major buyer of green electricity. We contribute to the growth of renewable energy. And we promote fossil fuel independence, bringing us all closer to a carbon neutral future.

We’ve come a long way with this strategy: 538 times to the moon and back, to be precise. Without emitting a single gram of carbon dioxide!


You don’t like standing still. And neither does IONITY. That’s why we’ve developed 350 kW charging stations that are both state of the art and future proof. Nobody charges EVs faster than us. Not today. Not tomorrow.

And it doesn’t stop there. We’re adding more charging points to our existing locations to get rid of long queues and get you charged up faster. Our existing sites average four charging points, but our new sites will feature two or even three times as many. So, you don’t have to wait. The result: shorter charging stops will get you back on the road quickly to continue your journey.

IONITY makes charging simple and reliable. The charging capacity at our locations is not defined by local demand and sharing power between chargers. Each charger at our stations provides full power, all the time – a whopping 350 kW. We don’t brag about it, but it's there.

If you drive a vehicle with the latest Plug&Charge technology, you can recharge even more comfortable. IONITY is a pioneer in making this technology available throughout its network that allows customers to simply plug in, charge up, and drive on. Without RFID chips or apps. The vehicle and the charging station take care of the details. It’s that easy. And that fast.


Our goal is to enable electric travel for everyone – that’s why we set out to create a charging network that’s open and accessible to EVs from all brands. And that’s also why the European charging standard CCS (Combined Charging System) is used in all IONITY charging stations throughout Europe. With a market share of 96%, CCS is the standard - from Scandinavia to Southern Europe. So you can travel across the entire continent without a care in the world. And say goodbye to those competing plugs and adapters.


We have built a European network of charging stations that is second to none. And we’ve made long distance EV travel possible for everyone.
We will continue moving forward. With more charging stations. More green energy. And more convenience. For less CO2 emissions and a better climate – and of course a better future.