Explore the Paris Summer Games with our Top Charging Locations 

As the Summer Games light up Paris with excitement and international spirit, thousands of visitors will be traveling across the country to witness the sporting spectacle between 26 July and 11 August. With events taking place not only in the vibrant heart of Paris but also in various charming cities across France, it’s the perfect time to explore the nation while keeping your electric vehicle (EV) charged and ready for the road.

We have put together a list of the top charging locations based on user experiences, ensuring you can travel effortlessly between the venues. From cutting-edge charging stations to convenient nearby amenities, discover the best spots to power up your EV and enjoy a smooth, memorable journey through France during the Summer Games.

The electrified route to Paris

On your way from North of France to Paris

Location: IONITY Saint Witz

Novotel Roissy Saint-Witz (>)

A variety of exciting sports at different venues will be showcased across the capital as the Summer Games begin. From tennis, athletics, and skateboarding to fencing, gymnastics, and more, the city will be buzzing with spirit as athletes from around the world compete for glory.
If you are traveling to Paris from the north of France, you may want to charge your EV before entering the vibrant city. IONITY Saint Witz is the perfect place to do so, featuring 12 High-power chargers ready for you. While you are charging, you can take advantage of the nearby amenities at Novotel Roissy Saint-Witz.

Catch a handball match live in Lille

On your way from Paris to Lille

Location: IONITY Seclin

E.Leclerc SECLIN (>)

The best handball teams will be competing for the gold medal at the Pierre de Mauroy Stadium in Villeneuve-d'Ascq, near Lille. If you are traveling from Paris to Lille to see it in action, a great place to stop and charge your EV is IONITY Seclin. It features 12 High-power chargers and there is a large commercial area nearby where you can get your essentials for the games.

Experience sailing events in Marseille

On your way from Italy to Marseille

Location: IONITY Rousset

Restaurant L'Atelier (>)
Café Tasty (>)

Heading to Marseille for the sailing events? If you're driving from Nice or Italy to Marseille, make a pit stop at our IONITY station in Rousset. With 16 high-power chargers and space for a trailer, you'll be back on the road in no time. Enjoy the convenience of our Solar Canopy, perfect for staying cool on warm summer days or dry on rainy ones. Plus, there's a nearby service area with all the amenities you need.


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Enjoy football matches in Saint Etienne

On your way from Paris to Saint Etienne

Location: IONITY Saint Chamond

E.Leclerc supermarket (>)

Heading to watch football matches at the Geoffroy-Guichard stadium in Saint-Étienne? If you need to charge your EV nearby, we recommend stopping at IONITY Saint Chamond. Located just 12 km east of the stadium, it features 6 High-power chargers and has space for several trailers. Plus, there's a supermarket nearby where you can stock up on snacks for the games.

Follow the football games in Lyon and Bordeaux 

On your way between Lyon to Bordeaux

Location: IONITY Pays de Brive North and South

Service area Aire du pays de brive  (>)

Planning to catch the football tournament? Matches will be played in Lyon and Bordeaux, among other cities. If you need to charge your EV on the way between Lyon and Bordeaux, we've got a great tip for you. On either side of highway A89, you’ll find IONITY Pays de Brive Sud when heading toward Lyon and IONITY Pays de Brive Nord when traveling toward Bordeaux. Both stations feature 8 High-power chargers and offer convenient amenities, including restrooms and a convenience store. Additionally, the solar canopies at both locations provide cover for extreme weather conditions, ensuring a comfortable stop.