IONITY’s charging stations are built for humans, and designed for traveling comfort. From the highway, their soothing lines, intuitive interface, and perfectly chosen locations are welcoming and easily recognizable. Glide past, on your way to your destination, knowing we’re always there when you need us. And stop when you want – to recharge your EV’s batteries, and your own.


The power of charging at 350 kW is the power to stop, drink a coffee, and go. At maximum speed, you can be on your way within minutes. Competing networks provide less power, and charge points in cities are even slower. So the first time you use an IONITY charging point, try not to be surprised how quickly… it’s over. 

Mobile Phone Battery


Powerful phone chargers deliver around 12 W of power – so one IONITY charger could charge almost 60,000 mobile phone batteries.

100 W lightbulbs


Just one IONITY fast-charger would provide enough electricity to illuminate 3,500 100 W lightbulbs.


The IONITY charger technology automatically optimizes its charging speed to the maximum your car’s built-in battery management system can handle – provided your car is equipped with CCS standard. So whether that’s 150 kW or 350 kW, you have peace of mind knowing you’re charging at full speed.


The speed of your battery

We provide the power, but your EV’s battery ultimately defines how fast it can charge.

To charge in mere minutes

  • The battery must be in good condition, and specifically designed for high power charging.
  • Ambient temperatures should be moderate, as extreme heat or cold can reduce charging speed.
  • Charge to 80%, and then drive. At higher capacities, charging slows to reduce heat and increase battery longevity.